UK Engineers devise 100x Broadband Internet system

A group of telecommunication scientists from the Bangor University have developed a device that could revolutionise home entertainment and wired communication in general.

The new device, which has yet to be named, increases the quantity of data that can be transmitted and, according to Newswales, works by merging together separate networks and works by bringing together optical and wireless technologies.

Transfer rates are expected to increase by 100 times meaning that the average UK bandwidth speed could reach 200mbps, making HD movie transfers easier.

Dailymail writes that the device looks like a DVD player and connects the broadband outlet to the computer but doesn't provide with more details about how transfer rates would increase without changes to the existing ageing phone network.

Dr Jianming Tang and his team at Bangor University School of Electronic Engineering who are being this breakthrough are part of a bigger, Bangor-based project which has been awarded a major grant by the European Union.

The project, called ALPHA, has received nearly one million Euros for a 3-year period.