Windows Hacking Made Easy with Firewire

A New Zealand based security consultant has unveiled a piece of code that can crack most Windows based computers within seconds without the need of a password.

New Zealand has a long culture of black hat and white hat hacking and several Kiwis have had issues with the law over Cybercrime (see Teenager behind GBP 10 m cyber-heist, NZ Internet fraudster sentenced to 35 months inside and New Zealand teenager's exploit prove hacking advances)

In an interview to Risky Business Podcast, from ITRadio, Adam Boileau said the tool would unlock any Windows Machine simply 'by plugging in a Firewire cable and running a command'.

A Linux-based computer was used to demo the hack and connected to the target PC via a simple wire and according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Windows host is then bluffed, allowing the rogue computer to have read and write access to its main memory.

This weakness is the result of the way Firewire technology interacts with the operating system as it can access the computer memory directly and is considered as a 'feature' rather than a vulnerability.

Many recent computers and laptops do come with Firewire which is used to connect digital video equipments and external storage systems.

Security professionals advised owners of Firewire equiped computers to disable Firewire ports when not in use.