Youtube, UK's most popular Social Media Website

A report published by Nielsen Online crowns Google-owned Youtube as the most popular social media website in UK, ahead of Wikipedia.

Myspace dropped two places to fifth place after recording a whopping nine percent drop over January 2007 traffic.

The number of UK Youtube users has grown to 10.4 million, up by 56 percent during the same period while Wikipedia reached 9.6 million users.

Nielsen Online puts the number of UK web users that have visited one of the top 10 social networking sites at a 21 million, nearly two thirds of UK web users.

Unlike more vertical markets like search engines, users could possibly use several of the websites listed; a Youtube viewer could simultaneously turn into a Wikipedia Reader and a Facebook Fanatic.

Facebook was the biggesty winner of the list with a meteroric rise of 712 percent over a year, with 8.5 million visitors to a well deserved third place.

A closer look by the Guardian revealed that video tools are enjoying the biggest year on year growth.

The other entries on the top 10 social media websites include Slide, Yahoo Answers, Windows Live Space and Trip Advisor.