Conservative posturing over cyber-security Minister

I was initially amused, then angered, at reports that the Conservatives have outlined proposals on how a future Tory government would tackle online crime, including the creation of a new post of cybersecurity Minister.

Shadow home secretary David Davis launched a report this week that looks at the threats posed by cybercrime and proposes measures to tackle this growing problem It's all fine and well creating the position of Minister for cybercrime, but what experience will the Minister have if, as is the norm, s/he is an elected Member of Parliament?

Also, what technical expertise does/will the government have to support the said minister? Don't get me wrong. The expertise exists in the IT security industry, as well as in the Secret Services.

The former isn't going to provide this expertise without some free exposure, whilst the latter experts are unlikely to come out of the shadows, especially for what is a politically-motivated post.

This is a highly politically-motivated announcement. Like the Labour government, the Conservatives are all mouth and no trousers when it comes to tackling cybercrime with anything other than hot air.

The irony of the situation is that MI5 and MI6, together with the vestiges of the Police computer security operations that are left, are doing a reasonably good job already. Putting a bureaucratic layer on top of them is the last thing they really need...