Electronic purchasing : people, process and change management

The latest technology that is user focused and easy to use should not need vast swathes of training or management to be successful and to that end many barriers to change will be broken down.

Many organisations become embroiled in a tangled web of implementation issues when it is simply a case of communication within an open and honest environment in combination with the adoption of a best practice e-procurement process.

Modern technology is not rocket science to use, but with the public sector pursuing a road map of change, implementation issues cannot be ignored if the end goal is for increased back office efficiency, higher levels of professionalism, improved skills and accountability under the TG mantra.

Changes are inevitable, including the adoption of best practice best value e-procurement to achieve targets.

How and when organisations choose to manage the two cornerstones of business as one, people and processes, for a more equitable environment, is a crucial step along the road to realising efficiency through e-procurement.

This post is part of a series of articles addressing e-procurement and written by Peter Robbins, MD, Probrand Ltd which publishes the Mercato Total Commerce and www.theitindex.co.uk

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