New York pair charged with $5 million ATM rip-off

Reports are coming in about a couple of Ukrainians in New York who are alleged to have scooped around $5 million from a global cash machine fraud.

One of the men - Ivan Biltse - was alleged to have drawn more than $9,600 in 12 withdrawals in around five minutes from a bank ATM during October.

Nice work if you can get it -Ed

Biltse's cousin, meanwhile, Yuriy Rakushchynets, has been accused of withdrawing $750,000 from a number of ATMs at convenience stores across New York.

Rakushchynets is said to have hacked into a Citibank server that processes ATM withdrawals at the stores.

This confirms my long-standing suspicion that so-called cabinet ATMs - the kind you see in pubs and newsagents - are much more open to hacker attacks than bank cash machines.

Rakushchynets' wife is reported to have told the FBI that she saw her hubby and his cousin leave their home "carrying large stacks of credit cards in rubber bands."

Crikey, with a wife like that, who needs enemies?...