Windows 2008 Server Trashes Windows Vista SP1 in tests

The guys at Exo-blog have taken up the challenge of converting Windows 2008 Server as a souped up, Workstation Operating System, just like Windows NT4, more than one decade ago.

To do so, they disabled all the fancy User Interface features in Vista and enabled a few corresponding feature in Windows Server 2008 so that the two Microsoft Operating Systems show more or less the same set of features.

The two OSes were tested under a powerful Dual Core laptop with 2GB RAM and a fast 80GB disks and ran a Officebench test script.

Results showed that performance under the properly configured Windows Server 2008 system actually outstrip Windows Vista SP1 platform by up to 17 percent which means that WS2008 is different from Vista SP1.

As the testers acknowledge, it shows that Microsoft could, like hardware manufacturers, squeeze a bit more out of the current Windows code base to make it run even faster.

Exo Blog testers did not use Workstation applications though like 3D modelling software or Digital Video applications which would probably provide with a better idea of Windows 2008 Server performance.

Before you actually go out to buy Windows 2008 Server to play some games, there are two things to bear in mind : Windows 2008 Server Standard costs more than £900 although it must be said that it contains licenses for one server and five CALs (Client Access Licenses) and you might have some problems finding driver support amongst hardware manufacturers.

Infoworld has also tried to install a few apps on Windows 2008 server and was quite annoyed by the issues it encountered, including repetitive Skype crashes and the fact that there were no games.