Photosynth / Infosynth

Photosynth is the coolest technology I have seen in recent memory. It is also the most graphic example I know of that demonstrates the power of context accumulation.

As I noted in this post last week, the only way to make any real sense of the big picture is to first stitch together all of the atomic-level observations (puzzle pieces) into context (pictures).

With this in mind, take a look at this exceptional video about “Photosynth” presented by Blaise Aguera y Arcas at a TED conference.

Now imagine the process of stitching together not just digital images … but all available data – across disparate data types (e.g., structured, unstructured text, images, video, audio, etc.).

When I speak of Context, this is exactly what I mean.

So after seeing Photosynth ... this made me think “n” sensor context accumulation could just as easily be called “Infosynth.”

These context engines will be used to deliver laser-precise relevance in support of next generation: user search; customer service; risk mitigation; ultra-weak signal detection; and so much more.

PRIVACY RAMIFICATIONS? Big time. Nonetheless, consumers are going to love the new industry offerings that context engines will enable. Stay tuned for a forthcoming post on my Responsible Innovation thread about what technologists might want to "design in" to these next generation systems in hopes of making these future systems more palatable from the privacy and civil liberties perspective.