Apple's Grand Plans for the iPhone : Gaming and Crackberry

Apple is not shy when it comes to stating its iPhone software Roadmap for the next few months; it even displays it on its front page.

The Cupertino-based company will go after the business market with a complete solution to serve their specific needs and it won't be without consequences for RIM's Blackberry and others.

The iPhone Enterprise Beta program which has just been launched, introduces iPhone support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync technology which means that the iPhone will soon be able to wirelessly push company email, calendar events, and contacts over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks to iPhones.

Apple did also reach a licencing agreement with arch-rival Microsoft over Exchange Server Technology, which should help Microsoft catch up with Blackberry as Apple concentrates on the front end and Microsoft stays in charge of the backoffice.

The new iPhone software will also be compatible with Cisco's industry standard IPsec VPN that allows senstive data to be safely transferred across devices and platforms.

Apple's eyeing the lucrative mobile corporate mail business which earnt its market leader, Research in Motion, a cool $3 billion in 2007 with most of it coming in the last quarter.

Only US companies are eligible to apply for the iPhone Enterprise Beta program for now which leaves Rest of the world developers wanting for more as Americans get a head start.

The iPhone could also herald a new era for gamers : both Electronic Arts and Sega are reportedly bullish on the iPhone platform, which could have a bigger impact than the Nokia's tepid N-Gage platform.

The phone comes with a dedicated graphic processor and should, in theory, handle graphic-intense games with ease.