Microsoft and Sandisk to partner on Startkey : A USB buddy for Windows

ZDNet and Tweaktown report that Microsoft has grand plans for solid state memory devices both stand-alone and integrated ones.

The company wants Windows users to carry their settings around with them using what Microsoft calls a 'Windows Companion' and should be available before the end of the year according to ZDNet.

The solution, which will allow users to carry around their customised options from screen resolution to shortcuts arrangements and contact lists, will come in the form of an integrated environment comprising of system software for Flash devices and software development kits.

It is expected that this system could possibly replace or at least complement the existing Windows accounts management system that is already present in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The aim behind the Startkey is to facilitate the use of a computer by multiple users and Sandisk is believed to be a key partner in the Startkey project.

There are some security concerns though given that USB devices will be read-write ones and could potentially be used as medium to carry around viruses and Trojans - just like floppy disks in their times.

Ultimately, the Startkey could also be used as a virtual memory device as well as a USB Wireless Proximity Security Lock.