The Stern Report and Data Centres

The seven hundred page Stern Report spells out the consequences of carbon emissions upon the ailing environment: floods from rising sea levels are set to potentially displace up to 100 million people as 1 in 6 people will become a climate refugee.

Wildlife will be severely affected as up to 40% of species are facing extinction.

Sir Nicholas Stern didn’t pull his punches as he pointed the finger of blame firmly at the industry and power sectors, who, according to his report, are responsible for 38% of the carbon suffocating the planet.

With a power requirement of anything up to fifty times that of equivalent office work space, data centre operators and owners should be well aware that this wave of regulation and legislation is likely to have a disproportionate impact upon them.

With this in mind, how do we manage this regulation and work with it, rather than find ourselves standing against it?