Firefox 3 Beta 4 Web browser : More than a pretty (inter)face

Mozilla released the fourth Firefox 3 beta update, roughly one month after the third one was released.

Nearly 1000 additional improvements have been carried out, most of them insignificant but still useful; it was however the front end of the browser that underwent the most significant changes.

As Arstechnica points out, most of the work done will make the browser interface more user friendly and more consistent - the interface now mimics the OS on which it sits, reduce the notorious memory issues and increase its overall performance.

Developers say that Firefox is twice as fast as the last Firefox with regards to popular web applications like Zoho Office and Gmail although more details about how this was measured have yet to be disclosed.

There have been speed improvements to Firefox's Javascript engine and several new technologies have been used to reduce the amount of memory used throughout a browsing session.

Having just installed Beta 4, the memory footprint of the browser stands at 8MB per page, which is comparable to the previous one but it feels more responsive on Flash heavy pages - a good sign.

You can download the latest beta version of Firefox here but bear in mind that it is for testing only and will be incompatible with some of the more popular plugins out there.