Google, what's going on? Share price tumble continues

There's something going on at Google. The company shares have been falling like there's no end. In the past four months; Google share prices have fallen from $747.24 to $413.62, a drop of more than 42 percent.

Google recently lost its vice president of global online sales and operations for the past six years, Sheryl Sandberg, to Facebook.

The 38-year old ex-Googler will take on the role of Chief Operating Officer and will report directly to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

This defection is the latest in a number of high profile executive pocahing carried out by Facebook on Google's employees; back in October 2007, Facebook recruited two other high profile Google stars, one of whom was Youtube's Chief Financial Office.

Perhaps more worrying is the fact there isn't any actual bad news (other than the US economy either going in a mild recession or a painful depression) that could have caused Google's pangs.

Gross profit for 2007 is up substantially as is total revenue and Google is firing on all cylinders with Google Health and Android, the next big projects on the slate.

But share prices depend on trust and future expectations and confidence in the US economy right now couldn't be gloomier.