Official : Bigger computer monitors make you more productive

A research team from the University of Utah (as reported by the Wall Street Journal) tested people working on mundane computer-bound tasks - like editing a text document, working on a spreadsheet and surfing the internet - and found out that people who used one 24 inch screen were up to 52 percent faster than people who used a 18-inch monitor.

24-inchers were even faster than those who used two 20-inch screens to do t their job; However, the research also pointed out that productivity dropped off with larger 26-inch screens.

The study, which was commissioned by monitor giant NEC, found that a large monitor could save 2.5 hours a day on average although that assumes that someone would work non stop for eight hours (or in many cases remain in front of their computers for that long).

It is not the first time that large screens or indeed multi monitor setups have been lauded; Microsoft Supremo, Bill Gates, swears by his triple monitor setup.

The screen resolution though was not mentioned and it looks like the 26-inch model might have fallen foul of low resolution; ideally, one should look for a 1920x1200 pixel screen that can display two A4 sheets side by side.

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