Orange catches up with competition, updates Business Everywhere mobile broadband

Orange has updated its Wireless Mobile Broadband Business offer to match the competition

Business Everywhere, its flagship offering, now offers "unlimited" and "daily unlimited" usage allowance, something that Pocket-lint says, should be taken with some spoons of salt.

In reality, there's a 3GB monthly fair usage policy (what happens beyond that limit remains to be seen) and the package will be sold at £17 a month with a 24 month contract term; a shorter 12 month contract only costs £25.

Business Everywhere will be bundled with an Option ICON 225 modem (which is similar in size to a USB memory stick) as well as 250 minutes of UK Wi-Fi access available over 10,000 UK hot spots.

Users will be able to connect regardless of the mobile data network used (3G, EDGE/GPRS, Wifi or broadband).

In comparison, a monthly 3GB wireless broadband contact with 3 will cost you £15 a month on a 18-month contract.