Voice over IP on the iPhone? You have to be kidding...

I was amused to hear that Apple is committing to allowing third-party developers to freely create Internet telephony applications for the popular iPhone handset.

This move is almost certainly designed to appease the potential business users of the iPhone out there, now that Apple is developing a range of business applications and assisting developers in doing the same.

Just as happened with the Nokia N95 here in the UK, I fully expect to see the cellcos quietly nipping any VOIP applications in the bud on the iPhone.

Sure, the feature will come as a native application on the handset in its vanilla form, but can you really see AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK giving up their regular voice call revenue?

Come to that, can you see Apple foregoing its revenue share agreements with the cellcos that sell the iPhone?

VOIP on the iPhone will go the same way as stainless steel exhausts, I reckon - it will be an available option, but my goodness, you'll have to jump through a lot of hoops to get the feature working.

Mind you, I also hear that the number of cracked iPhones is continuing to soar, with millions having `gone missing' worldwide.

They can't all be in China, surely?...