Walmart ends Linux Computer experiment, cites users' lack of interest

Walmart collaboration with Everex, at least when it come to the Green gPC, came to an abrupt end as a Walmart spokeswoman claimed that the gPC did not attract enough attention from the Walmart customers.

Back in October 2007, 600 Walmart stores stocked the $199 gPC which were apparently selling like hot cakes with numerous reports that it was out of stock at a number of stores.

Although no figures have been disclosed, Walmart will still continue selling the gPC system online for $199.

Sears is also selling a Linux-based Desktop computer called the Mirus for $199, although there's a $100 rebate and the item is currently out of stock.

The apparent failure of Walmart contrasts sharply with the enthusiasm of Asus CEO's regarding the Linux-based EEE laptop which is currently selling faster than the original Apple iPod when it was first introduced.

Maybe it's the desktop strand that's dying after all.