BT online ordering - India calling...

Decided to order an extra business phone line the other week. Online, via BT. Unfortunately for me, the online sign-ups seem to be handled in India, where the order was completely cobbled up.

Instead of arranging the installation of the line at the new premises, BT managed to arrange for one of my existing lines to be converted to Featureline with my mother's address (huh? -Ed) and with the correspondence detais of another address that is nothing to do with our company.

Oh, and the order was attributed to me, rather than a company.

BT claim to have credit checked me at this incorrect address, but how they did this, I just don't know.

Several hours of unravelling later, I gave up and called the phone number for BT high level complaints - except the number isn't available!

So I rang the press office. Power of the journalist and all that. Someone will get back to you.

They haven't. Hah!

Chatting with a telecoms trouble-shooter in Manchester reveals that BT's Indian operation are messing up a lot of business orders by mis-keying data, terminating broadband on the wrong date and missing vital instructions from clients.

And if you're reading this BT, I have order numbers, names of people in business customer services who accidentally clear the call down when dealing with polite enquiries and a litany of mistakes over the

last few weeks in dealing with the line. Credit checking? Don't make me laugh.

The list goes on and on and on... NO CARRIER