Gartner Annual IT Security Summit

How much of your proprietary information is susceptible to new threats? Are your security policies, practices, and technologies keeping pace with new developments?

Is your organization ready for the next wave of challenges and opportunities?

Security professionals from every IT area, industry and sector can't afford to ignore the latest developments and their potential impact.

The issues cut across every aspect of business. You need the objective insights you'll get at Gartner IT Security Summit.

Security remains a top concern for CIOs, CTOs, CSOs and other C-level executives, for good reason.

The proliferation of wireless devices, e-enabled applications, and advanced global systems puts your data in the hands of more people in more places than ever.

Mistakes aren't just costly - they're embarrassing, and often impact brand reputation.

Gartner IT Security Summit will help you build on-target strategies, develop the case for IT security investments, and imple

The event will take place from the 29th of September to 1st October 2008 in London at the Royal Lancaster Hotel.

To find more about this event and to register, go here.