Intel to give 160GB Solid state disk a go at IDF event

Chip manufacturer Intel is preparing to release a gargantuan 160GB solid state hard drive for laptops in April 2008 at the Intel Developer Forum and could press ahead as the demand for high capacity, low power SSD devices surge.

Solid state disks are notorious for being expensive but they make for that by being not only more reliable, but also requiring much smaller enclosures, less power to run and they boost excellent overall performances as well.

Intel is not alone to eye the growing SSD market; other semiconductors giants like Toshiba and Samsung have also signalled their intention to expand their market share and their revenues in the sector by offering more product lines.

Samsung and Toshiba have already announced that they will be offering 128GB SSDs for laptops in 2008 although these are expected to be prohibitive; however the technology is expected to trickle down quicker than expected.

At the lower end of the spectrum, demand is quickly picking up thanks to innovative products like the Asus EEE PC, the OLPC or Intel's own Classmate laptop which bypass traditional hard disk drives for the sturdier SSD.