Logitech CEO : Microsoft Takeover? Just a rumour

Speaking to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Logitech's chairman Guerrino De Luca rebuffed the idea of the Keyboard and Mouse manufacturer being acquired by Microsoft for around $8 billion.

De Luca said that the operation would be without sense and the company's largest stakeholder, Daniel Borel, explicitly opposed the takeover, saying that there would not only be a number of obstacles.

The EU might land yet another fight with Microsoft especially as Logitech is an European company and a combined Logitech/Microsoft would be the biggest player in the world of input peripherals.

But above all, Daniel Borel thinks that Logitech would lose its will to innovate if purchased by Microsoft and would become yet another Microsoft department.

Although Logitech's shares fell down slightly on Monday morning, they have since picked up although share prices remain dangerously close to their one year low.

It is unlikely that Microsoft wants to spend so much money on a company that lies far outside its core competence; a Yahoo purchase makes more sense for the time being.

Also like Arstechnica pointed out, Logitech's net profit margin would lower Microsoft's own by a substantial margin - Logitech's stands at 10 percent and Microsoft at nearly 30 percent - and moving from software to hardware would be very distracting.