Patch Deployment : A Real life example of BitTorrent usefulness

BitTorrent, the most popular peer to peer (p2p) solution, is better know for headline stories how the technology is causing misery to top Hollywood studios and Major Music labels worldwide.

But BitTorrent can also have some very useful uses as a weekly Dutch magazine Automatiserings Gids reported last week (via TorrentFreak).

INHOLLAND, a Dutch University, uses Bittorrent to distribute software updates to 6500 desktop computers in 16 different locations in the Netherlands in a more effective way.

By using BitTorrent, they managed to cut the number of servers from 20 to 2 which run Microsoft's SMS (Systems Management Server) 2003 and slashed the amount of time it used to take to update them from 4 days to only 4 hours.

Yet the amount of data being transferred still remained the same at nearly 26TB - that's an average of 4GB of data per installation.

The technology relies on a tiny piece of software, called uTorrent which is popular because of its very small footprint at 220KB which the consultant firm iTeleo customised.