£10 device makes your broadband go much faster

BT Wholesale is on the verge of selling a nifty £10 device that could solve broadband sluggishness across the UK overnight.

The Interstitial Plate or iPlate is inserted into the master telephone socket and considerably reduces the electrical noise, caused by faulty or leaky electrical devices in the vicinity of the outlet.

A ZDNet reporter wrote that BT paid for a new television for one of its customers after finding out that the faulty TV caused broadband speeds to fall down dramatically in a 200m range.

In an experiment conducted in a BT Wholesale showcase down near Gatwick, inserting the iPlate brought back a 3.7mbps line whose speed fell down to 700kbps after having been 'exposed' to a nearby fluorescent light.

On average, BT expects speeds to increase by 1.5mbps when the iPlate is fitted, a 50 percent difference for many users and a welcomed boost.

PC Pro understands that BT could be giving the iPlate away to ISPs and customers in a bid to save the expense of onsite support and calls.