Bluray kills HD-DVD but prices shoot up

There are several reports that point to a rather unusual scenario following the dismissal of the HD-DVD format; now that Blu-Ray has been crowned the winner, prices are on the rise.

Tomshardware points out that standalone Blu-ray players are now more expensive than ever and that only the Playstation 3 console could possibly help to make the format more popular in the short term.

A report compiled by TH from price comparison search engine, shows that on the average price of entry level to mid level range climbed up significantly after the announcement that the successor of the DVD would be the Blu-Ray.

In related news, Samsung has announced that it will not be releasing any dual format HD-DVD/Blu-ray players following last month's announcement.

Although Blu-ray content has come down in price in the last year, they still carry double digit percentage premium on DVD content and the rising number of affordable quality upscaling players means that people are not queing up to buy stand alone players.

Also as Hexus notes, a burgeoning high definition digital download industry, spearheaded by the likes of Amazon and iTunes could pose a massive problem to the rapid expansion of the Blu-ray technology.