Brand new Firefox faster than Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer

Tests carried out by Mozillalinks's Percy Cabello shows that the latest beta version of the next iteration is vastly faster than other popular browsers on the market.

Results show that FF 3.0 beta 4 is 53 percetn faster than Opera 9.5 beta, twice as fast as Safari and three times faster than Internet Explorer 7 using Sun Microsystems' SunSpider Benchmark which analyses Javascript Performance.

Mr Cabello also went through a number of steps to measure the memory footprint of each browser - although in this case, he did not go as far as including the other browsers in the comparison - which included only Beta 3 and not Beta 4 which is noticeably better at memory management.

Windows XP SP2 was used to perform the tests and although Mozilla declined to comment on the benchmarks, Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla's vice president of engineering did mention that Mozilla has been working hard to make Firefox faster and more stable, especially when dealing with Web 2.0 .

However, things could change soon. Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 brings in several performance improvements, many of which revolve around the DOM and Javascript performance.

According to Steve Souders who performed a very detailed analysis of the latest Internet Explorer 8 Beta browser and found out that IE 8 will load scripts in parallel, allow 6 downloads per hostname and introduce support for data.

Loading scripts in parallel could yield performance increases of up to 80 percent according to Sounders... just in time for a rematch.