HannSpree 37" HD Ready LCD TV - £375.99

The Hannspree Xv big screen is perfect for Sunday's game day party, or hook it up to your PC or game console. You get the picture.

Versatility, connectivity, and performance set the Hannspree Xv apart. But Hannspree Xv's value puts it in a league of its own.

The high quality black gloss frontal piano frame is a statement of HANNsprees's insistence in quality for its Xv series products.

The side bars of the base stylish black mirror surface finish are a perfect match to the dazzling and exquisite appearance of the unit itself.

The product comes with a wall mounting functional design, giving you maximum flexibility in spatial display for interior arrangement to your personal preferences.

Its user-friendly dual handle design allows you to adjust the display angle of the product with great ease and convenience.

Microdirect has this one covered for only £375.99