The £99 Digital TV/Freeview receiver / Phone / Digital camera

And they still call it a phone .... The Chinese have outdone themselves this time with this all in one phone.

On a 'dodgily' English translated website called is one of the wonders of modern China, a phone that outguns the iPhone big-time.

The ARSA880 mobile phone is the world's first phone which can receive digital TV (in UK Lingo, that's Freeview chaps).

It comes with a 1.3MP digital camera that can also capture video and store it on a 512MB Transflash solid state storage.

The screen is a huge 3.5 inch screen capable of displaying 240x320 pixels and offers both handwriting (touchscreen capabilities) and keyboard input.

The ARSA880 is powered by a 1800mAh battery which should be powerful enough to allow you to watch a few hours of movies.

According to the product description, the inbuilt tuner will allow you to receive even HD digital television programs.

Connectivity is excellent with embedded Bluetooth, GPRS and WAP facilities.

On top of that you can use it as an MP3 player or an MP4 player - there's no mention of whether you can actually movies record off the air straight to MP4 - that would be a killer feature.

The only thing that you have to bear in mind is that you will still need a TV-licence to run this little jewel.

You can buy the camera here if you want to for $198 plus VAT and Delivery.