BBC reacts quick to close loophole in streaming iPlayer service

The BBC has fixed a loophole to prevent people from downloading programmes from its popular iPlayer website through an iPhone or an iPod.

A Guardian Journalist who interviewed one of the hackers was told that the latter took only 12 minutes to hack the system, simply by getting the BBC website to believe that his computer was an iPhone.

In doing so, the hacker was able to view the whole catalog of movies online and download them to his hard drive without any restrictions or DRM attached - and potentially share those contents with others.

Under normal circumstances, you can download and view a BBC programme within a period of 30 days while online streaming is limited to seven days.

The BBC admitted that like other DRM solutions, it was a game of cat and mouse and that it will take a few trials and errors to make sure that the system would work properly.

The iPlayer has proved to be one of the most spectacular innovations coming from the BBC in the past few years and iPlayer streams and downloads have clocked more than 17million views within 60 days.