China's Symbian smartphone users under attack

It looks like China is starting to pay the price of being the world's largest mobile phone market, as McAfee claims to have identified a trojan that targets users of Symbian smartphones there.

The malware - Kiazha.A - deletes the user's text messages and threatens further aggro unless the punter sends the program author around $7.00 in QQcoins, an e-cash add-on to the QQ instant messaging system that is popular in the Far East.

The irony of the situation is that, even if the punter sends the money to the program author, nothing happens. They've lost their text messages in any case.

And if they don't send any money? Nothing further happens.

What a con!

According to some newswire reports, the malware isn't as sophisticated as it first appears, as the program code appears to be an amalgam of basic routines from several hacker toolkits, rather than anything special in is own right.

Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors...