New Asus EEE Windows-based Laptops to sell like hot cakes

5 million EEE laptops will be sold this year according to Asus's own estimates; the Taiwanese manufacturer is bullish about the sales figures that its little gadget will generate.

Of those, around 3 million are expected to be XP-based and the rest running on Linux; meaning that Windows XP might undergo an unexpected revival once again.

Windows XP Home has apparently been chosen to power non Linux computers; a surprising decision given that Microsoft's own Windows XP Fundamental for legacy systems would probably be better suited.

The EEE was designed to be compatible with Windows and even the first EEE models had their own Windows XP Drivers.

Asus has also revealed that the cheapest Windows XP model will cost $408, including a 4GB SSD storage, 512MB memory while the more expensive EEE PC 4G XP will come with an additional 4GB SD card, a more powerful battery and a 3mp webcam; all for $473.

At this price though, the EEE starts to compete with traditional, full size laptops: A Dell Vostro 1000 laptop with a Dual Core processor, 1GB memory and a huge 120GB hard disk drive will corst you only $449.

At a news conference in Taipei, Jonney Shih also confirmed Asus's partnership with Intel with EEE adopting the Pentium M family, although first generation used Celeron CPUs instead.