Greening the Data Centre

In the data centre industry we already have the ability to start sourcing and increasing the use of energy from ‘green’ suppliers.

Wind, wave or solar power does not need to be generated onsite - it can be fed into the grid from anywhere.

A company policy to seek out renewables from energy supplies is an achievable first step in reducing the carbon impact of the data centre.

Similarly, the introduction of purchasing strategies that favour easily recyclable products, packaging and redundant kit is easy to introduce and will immediately decrease the overall environmental impact of data centres.

Furthermore, policies to manage lighting – using low energy bulbs, zoning, switching off when not in use, etc. – can have a rapid and dramatic effect on energy usage and in turn, emissions.

As a business facility, the data centre needs to incorporate these principles through the rigorous enforcement of processes that demonstrate a road-map towards decreasing emissions.

As high-energy users, data centre operators should assess their current situation in order to measure the improvements and progress achieved by taking such actions.

Environmental regulation will go as far as it needs to in order to safeguard our environment – and economy.

Meanwhile, the data centre industry has to adopt procedures to its everyday operations that support the principles of a low carbon economy whilst being able to fulfil the requirements of its businesses goals.