IDC : PC Market expands despite gloomy economic forecasts

Laptops are expected to make up the bulk shipments worldwide by 2010 according to new figures released by research company IDC.

The IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker indicates that Worldwide PC shipment is expected to grow by nearly 13 percent in 2008, a growth largely fuelled partly by the transition from desktop computers to laptops and reinforced by the appetite of emerging markets for ultra cheap computers and mobile platforms.

The Asia/Pacific region - excluding Japan - will see growth of more than 50 percent in the number of laptop shipments over the next few years and by 2011, laptop shipments will have reached more than 214 million.

Laptops are generally more expensive than desktops, although prices are set to fall dramatically following Asus and Intel's launch of the EEE laptop and the Classmate platform respectively.

IDC's figure combine Desktop and x86 server together which means that the fall in Desktop shipments could be more profound if there is a significant number of x86 servers being sold.

The total value of PC shipments is projected to grow by 7.4% in 2008 to nearly $280 billion. Shipment value will continue to grow by roughly 4% annually from 2009 through 2012, reaching nearly $330 billion by 2012.