Indian phishing attacks go through the roof

Interesting to read that Symantec reckons there has been a six-fold increased in phishing attacks on Indian banks during the last four months.

According to Symantec's 24x7 Security Response Lab in Pune, India, last October there were 20 unique attacks on Indian banks, a figure that had grown to 120 attacks by January of this year.

Prabhat Kumar, the firm's director, is quoted on the Indian newswires as saying that the phishing attacks are becoming more localised, subtle and target-specific.

"The increase in the number of attacks reflects that they are getting successful," he said, adding that the banks may have put in the best possible security but it is the unsuspecting user on whose back the

phishers enter the system that are causing problems,

Which just goes to show - there's one born every minute...