Microsoft partners with Adobe on Flash and Reader; what about Silverlight then?

Another strong sign that Microsoft is becoming a more mature company took place earlier today; the Redmond-based company announced that it would license Adobe's Flash Lite technology for its Windows Mobile operating system and most importantly, its Internet Explorer browser.

The deal concerns Adobe's Flash Lite and Adobe Reader LE applications which will allow Windows Mobile users to access rich media content from their mobile or wireless internet devices and comes amidst of concerns that Apple could possibly be looking at developing a potential Flash killer on its own.

This comes after Steve Jobs publicly acknowledged that Adobe Flash could be unfit for the web.

Adobe also revealed that Flash Lite is already present on more than 500 million mobile devices with a year on year growth of 150 percent.

According to, Flash lite won't be able to display Flash 9-based websites properly because it is based on a slightly older version of Flash.

It is rumoured whether Microsoft will release a light version of its own competing online rich media platform, Silverlight, later this year, although this deal with Adobe could push that deadline even further.