O2 teams up with Napster to offer Mobile Music Service

Ex-Records' nemesis and rebel child Napster will partner with Telefonica-owned Mobile service provider O2 to sell music to the O2 customers straight to their mobile phone.

The deal will allow O2 punters to choose, purchase and download tracks from up to 5 million songs available at Napster, for a little as 80p each when purchased in batch of 5.

The customer will receive a copy of the song in his or her inbox which can then be played through a computer, although any indications of DRM (Digital Rights Management) was conspicuously absent from the press release.

The service, known as O2 Active, will be available for 30 different handsets although one has to wonder whether O2 would consider using it on the Apple iPhone and there were no details as to when the service will officially be launched.

An O2 spokesperson also added that there will be no surcharge in terms of data transfer for anyone who uses the service; indeed, what you see will be what you pay.

Nokia and Vodafone already have their own music stores and Apple's well ahead of the pack with its iTunes online service.