Official : China outguns USA in terms of Internet users

Arstechnica might not agree but, according to AFP, China has pushed the US of A into second place when it comes to the number of Internet Users.

BDA China, a Beijing-based technology consulting and research firm, acknowledges that China now has 220 million web surfers, compared to the US online population of 217 million users.

By the end of this year, an additional 60 million internet users will join the army of web browsing citizens and already 160 million Chinese users are using broadband technology to surf the web.

Even then, nearly 85 percent of the Chinese population is still unaccounted for and while the current political stranglehold means that Internet access and content will continue to be monitored, controlled and checked for a foreseeable future, the Chinese Internet will change the face of the global industry.

Mobile internet browsing as well is set to surge as mobile phone subscribers already account for a whopping 522 million users and is set to reach 600 million by the end of this year.

The AFP article mentions that the majority of Chinese rural internet users use internet cafes or communal internet booths to surf the internet rather than individual internet connections.