Yahoo Buzz could become a Super Digg soon

Read Write Web's Richard Manus writes on the potential game changing impact that Yahoo Buzz could have on the Social Media industry and indeed the rest of the online publishing landscape.

Yahoo has released the first statistics and they reveal how significant is Yahoo's impact can be when it comes to generating traffic for online news websites like Techcrunch or Huffington post.

RWW compares Yahoo's Buzz to what would be, only ten times bigger; in its first two weeks, Buzz sent more than one million referrals a day to a shortlist of publishers during its low-key beta period.

Buzz, like any other social media network, relies on users commenting and voting on news as they come in although the number of publishers that are currently listed is only a fraction of what's available in the webosphere.

Buzz is a step ahead of Google's own News which only serves as a super charged RSS aggregator and it looks as if it is only a matter of time before Google integrates social media features (like voting) in Google News.

Similarly, the success of Buzz means that Microsoft could be looking into buying should its bid for Yahoo fail down the line.