Acer rumoured to introduce gaming console? Not so fast...

Back last week, Betanews reported that Taiwan-based PC manufacturer Acer might be looking to introduce a game machine based on open standards

According to Jacqueline Emigh, contributor at Betanews, Acer's senior vice president, James T. Wong pointed out that many other gaming platforms are closed and proprietary and that Acer would have to offer new and innovative form factors and apps.

The solution would be to have a PC-based games machine; it wouldn't be the first to do so : the original Xbox was a PC-based games machine complete with an Intel Pentium processor, memory, hard disk drive and Nvidia GPU.

However, a more plausible explanation would be that Acer is preparing a gamers' only PC strand : Dell (with Alienware), HP (vith Voodoo PC) and Asus all have gaming PCs.

Acer is already sitting on the PC Gamers Alliance board so it wouldn't be surprising to see Acer launching something in that direction.

Another potential guess though more far fetched would be a device that could run video games through hardware emulation.

Games are currently subsidizing consoles costs and Microsoft and Sony could be interested in such a product.