Is Apple preparing a clamshell Motorola Razr iPhone?

A patent document uncovered by shows that Apple may be preparing a Clamshell iPhone.

The 46-page document can be viewed (1.8MB PDF document) here and relates to "systems and methods for translucent dual sided track pad utilisation".

The paper also contains a few intriguing drawings of what appears to be a tablet PC and a laptop with an external LCD monitor like Windows' own Sideshow.

Assuming that the patent document is genuine and Apple plans to use it in a foreseeable future, we could be in for a slightly smaller, clamshell version of the iPhone (an iPhone nano anyone) which could be sold alongside the current candy bar version of Apple's phone.

Trustedreviews believes that the this dual sided translucent trackpad could be very useful for smart developers coding games à la Nintendo DS.

Interestingly posted the original iPhone patent depiction and the final product for a comparison.

Below is's artistic representation of how iPhone version 2.0 or version 3.0 could look like.

(Picture Courtesy of Unwiredview)