HP new 32 core monster server signals return of the x86 king

The recent paper launch of the Proliant DL785 server is HP's latest thumbs up towards Austin-based AMD

The chip firm, a distant second to Intel, has been plagued recently by a number of issues surrounding its latest Opteron Barcelona-based processors and HP's announcement comes as a welcome boost.

The server, a beefy 7U type which will be launched in May, can accommodate up to eight quad-core Opteron chips, effectively allowing it to run 32 core and with AMD's Eight Core "Montreal" chip scheduled for 2009, a 64-core monster is within reach for many system administrators.

Although HP is still firmly backing Intel's Xeon and Itanium range, the company, like many others, is keen not to depend on only one chip supplier having all but killed its own RISC-based family of processors.

As for the DL785, it will support up to 256GB of memory thanks to 64 memory slots and when 8GB DIMMs are introduced, this will rise up to 512GB.

The server, which starts at £8500, also comes with 11 I/O slots and enough room for 16 hard disk drives.

While four socket servers are aplenty on the market, the exploding demand for cloud computing, SaaS and virtualisation means that eight socket servers are the one which can provide with the necessary firepower to cover all bases.