Application as Service

It is an advanced system utility which lets you run any application as Windows 2000/XP/2003 Service. You can easily configure it using its intuitive GUI interface or command line configurator directly from your software.

It features very low CPU usage, custom environment variables, monitoring and detailed logging as well as many other features.

Latest Changes:

Application as Service 3.0 has been totally redesigned. Now it has a completely new, more flexible and user-friendly graphical interface

User interface has been greatly simplified: now you can create and manage system services within several clicks

Full compatibility with Windows Vista

Added: ability to manage services (create, start, edit, delete) on remote PC over local network or Internet

Added: manage various popup windows (close windows, press buttons) that your application might display

Added: run additional programs prior to the service startup, program start, stop or just after the service shutdown

Added: easily track all program's activity in the new "Activity log"

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