Dell pushes forward with new generation of cheap SME servers

Spring is almost upon us and Dell has unveiled its new generation of affordable single-socket servers in the PowerEdge family, both in tower and 1U rack format.

The R300 and the T300 share many features although the rack version if £150 more expensive than the stand alone tower version.

They are both Intel-based servers, scaling all the way from Intel's entry level Celeron processor to the Xeon 5000 series which is a quad core processor.

In addition, the R300 can also use a Xeon low-voltage L5410 processor to reduce the amount of energy used and dissipated; a necessity in data centres.

Both servers will support up to 24GB of DDR2 ECC memory and can be paired with Microsoft Windows Server up to Windows Server 2008, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 and 10.

Storagewise, the R300 and the T300 servers will offer hot-plug hard drives and redundant power supply units for improved reliability.

A feature that other manufacturers should adopt is the locked down Internal USB port that prevent intruders and third parties from having access to the server for malicious purposes.

Dell has started to sell those servers in the US and at the time of writing, Dell UK only has a placeholder for the T300 server.

The AMD-based T105 server still remains one of the more popular PowerEdge servers on Dell's website although, unlike HP, Dell has yet to announce an eight-socket AMD-based server.