Global Mobile sector feels the crunch big time

A slow down in the global mobile market has prompted Sony Ericsson to issue a warning on its first quarter revenues which could fall by more than half.

The news come a few days after Texas Instruments, which manufactures the chips that goes in mobile phones and similar devices, slashed its first quarter forecasts, citing weaker demands.

Another of the four main mobile phone manufacturer, Motorola has also been hit by softer market conditions and the fact that the competition is getting more intense as new entrants like LG and Apple are threatening to topple the top quatuor - Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

In related news, Mobile Today revealed that Tesco has slashed the price of its mobile phones; the Nokia 6300 for example is on sale for only £44.97 thanks to a whopping £25 discount, pointing to a glut and overstocking of mobile phones, as far as Tesco is concerned.

There's also more bad news for the UK mobile phone sector as Vodafone has announced that it would make 450 HQ staff redundant in a bid to simplify its operating model - most of it taking place at senior management level.