Intel and Microsoft pour $20m to promote multicore programming

The Wintel duo has announced that they would put $20 million to fund parallel computing research hubs at the UC berkerley and the University of Illinois till 2013.

A small step for Microsoft and Intel but a giant step for parallel research, which will ultimately improve our experience of multicore computing.

The number of cores a processor can accommodate is growing exponentially and Intel and AMD have eight cores processor ready for launch fairly soon.

HP has released a 32-core server which makes a greater adoption of parallelism a must for future operating systems.

Without adequate support (read more efficient multi-threaded applications), cores on a processor could remain idle as only one or two will be busy working at full speed.

While parallel computing has been around for several decades, it is only now, with the arrival of mainstream multicore processors, that industry leaders like Microsoft and Intel have to make software platforms more multi core.

Strangely though, the investment in research in Academia could indicate either two things : current software is only exploiting a fraction of multicore processors potential power or research at both Microsoft and Intel is not moving fast enough to catch up with technological advances.

Or it could be the two.