Pictures of Intel's new ultra cheap Netbook appear on the web

Tech Corner has published what appears to be the first photos of Intel's new Netbook ultra cheap laptop range; according to Paul Bergevin from Intel, Netbooks are small laptops that are primarily designed for wireless communication and access to the internet.

There's some confusion though surrounding the correct term because Classmate, another product from Intel targeting specifically schools, is in effect a class of Netbook.

Tech Corner claims that the Intel Netbook runs Windows XP Pro "like a Champ" and uses an Intel Celeron 900 processor, not the new Intel Atom Diamondville platform that was announced previously.

However, since the laptop was a working prototype, one can expect the final product to include the cheaper and cooler Atom processor.

The laptop, which will cost $400 apparently at launch, appears to be featuring a 9-inch screen and will come with 512MB RAM and a 40 GB Hard disk drive as well as other standard connections.

There's also a leather-like handle hanging at the back of the laptop which points to an educational market.

As you can gather from the pictures below, the laptop appears to be ruggedly built and is set to compete with an upmarket Asus EEE laptop which will be launched by June 2008.

But specs wise, both laptops fail to excite when compared to Dell's no-frills Vostro 1000 which costs $449 and comes with a bigger 15.4-inch, a dual core processor, XP Home OS, a 120GB hard disk drive and an optical drive.

Last week, Intel revealed more about other plans to release the NetTop platform, a cheap x86 desktop (starting from £50) computer that would flood the market of emerging countries by the end of the year.

(Pictures courtesy of Tech Corner)