US Sales of Apple Mac up 60 percent in February

Mac PCs appear to be defying the laws of economics; while the world economy is in turmoil, US sales of Apple Mac were up by an astonishing 60 percent in February 2008.

The data compiled by market research company NPD shows that Mac growth in US Dollar terms is up by 66 percent over the same period.

Apple now owns 14 percent of the PC market and thanks to a much higher average selling price, Apple's market share in monetary terms has risen to 25 percent up from 16 percent in February 2007.

In comparison, the US PC retail shipment grew 9 per cent while in dollar term, revenues increased by 5 percent, underlying the cut-throat competition which means that even if numbers of up, pressure on retail prices has slashed revenues.

According to Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves, Apple is cashing on very strong laptop sales, which suggests that the MacBook Air is doing fairly well.

However, sales of Apple's iPod are less than stellar and appear to be stalling and a separate research note from Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst, showed that Apple sold around 10.8 million iPods, thanks partly to a price cut end of February.

There were no words on how the iPhone fared though.