Zycko : The testing ground for new technologies

• Zycko presents itself as the original provider of innovative convergent IT solutions; what's behind the lingo?
Zycko dedicates resources and energy to knowing the market and we match our clients real business needs with best-of-breed leading edge technologies. It is Zycko’s position as an incubator of new technologies that puts us in this privileged position. Our open-standards philosophy, allows us to match these leading edge technologies, in order to form tried and tested solutions that offer genuine advantages to both resellers and end-users.

• What can you tell us about the company itself?

Zycko is privately held and has been profitable since inception in 2000, when the company’s original charter was to market data networking accessories to resellers as a wholesale distributor. Zycko now employs 250 staff, serving over 3,000 resellers around the world from eleven offices on four continents. The company enjoys an annual turnover of more than $180m.

We offer solutions across a broad range of technologies including: Accessories & Components, Data Networking, Data Centre Control and Environmentals, Data Storage, and Voice & Video. Our services include a full range of professional services, demonstration facilities (over $1,000,000 of operational equipment available to resellers), accredited and bespoke training services, full marketing campaign support, consultation, needs analysis, installation and testing, as well as high levels of support and maintenance. We ship more than 45,000 items to over 60 countries on a monthly basis.

• What are your most popular solutions or services?
It is hard to pinpoint our most popular solutions or services, as they all address different areas that are all current topics within IT. I would guess overall data management (which encapsulates several of our solutions), and datacentre control plus environmentals, currently offer some particularly hot messaging to end-users.

In regards to services, we are finding that resellers are definitely appreciating our day-to-day knowledge, as well as the opportunity to grow new technology within their business without having to make a giant leap in one hit. Resellers utilise our services, in order to grow into a bespoke technology or product solution.

• Your company views video conferencing as a growing market, could you tell us what avenues you have identified as promising?

VC is converging to the IP network. It is no longer necessary to have a separate VC network that requires extra support and expertise; by moving to the IP network, IT personnel can have more control and management – simplifying the installation of a VC solution.

Other avenues to consider are:

• Improvement in technology. The arrival of High Definition (HD) has drastically improved the quality of video conferencing in high end systems. Think of HD quality on TV – VC has made the same step forwards. The resulting clarity of picture allows you to experience expressions and body language which have always formed a key part of normal face to face meetings.

• The accessibility of bandwidth has increased due to its widespread geographical availability and value for money. However, when you also consider that WAN optimisation products like Riverbed now reduce the required bandwidth normally used by applications, back-up and other functions, the available bandwidth has now been left wide open for video and voice over IP.

• The addition of Cisco and Microsoft lending their marketing weight to the VC world, has certainly benefited those existing technology specialists.

• Reducing travel and carbon emissions in an ever hectic world is a driving factor. Airports shut with fog or snow; they have prolonged customs visits due to terrorism, the roads are full to capacity, and fuel costs are dramatically on the rise.

• The afore mentioned carbon footprint issue should also be measured. You have the marketing departments considering company image, while the finance departments literally have to think of the ensuing carbon credits and fuel costs.

• What philosophy rules the way you work at Zycko?

We like to truly combine our best-of-breed with our added value. We really do stick to our strategy, offering resellers an excellent range of value add services, both technically and commercially. Our focus will always be to deliver the best services possible to resellers.

• Zycko has a rebranding service, which is essentially a white label offering; how does it work and what are the advantages that a firm could potentially envisage?

Zycko aims to support the reseller by ensuring they can commit as much of their resources as possible in communicating with end users and developing business. We therefore support the reseller by removing any unnecessary tasks or job roles.

With ZONE (Zycko Open Network Environment) solutions, we are offering solutions that the reseller can take to market. Solutions that they can trust are fully operational, tested and can be sold with the full support of Zycko’s team.

Of course, these solutions are also in our labs, so resellers can bring customers to ready made demonstrations .

Many resellers really push the fact that they have Zycko as significant backup. Another example of our re-brand offerings includes our backup analysis tool, which is there to help resellers identify business opportunity. These tools are created by a highly conversant team at Zycko, a team that prides itself on channelling this key knowledge to its resellers.

• What are your views of the IT Industry in general?

Even with an economic slow down apparently approaching, IT has such an influential role within business, the need for continued improvements and upgrades will still be a necessity. A couple of examples can be used: Firstly, the requirement to store, manage and access data will continue to grow, as will the legal requirements for the storage and management of data.

Secondly, technology will develop, that will allow businesses to take huge steps forward in business practices. In many cases current businesses are driven by the IT system that is available, not the other way around. Businesses will not be able to afford to ignore these emerging technologies without losing considerable market share.

• What technology, service or product has impressed you the most in the past few months?

There are two main areas that immediately come to the forefront. The first is products such as HDS HDPS and Diligent, which have recognised the need for managing storage and not replicating it needlessly, i.e. file searching and de-duplication.

The latter being Riverbed’s continued leadership in the wide-area-data services market. This has proven them a real player in the overall IT market. Their product set offers some huge developments in how businesses can interact across multiple sites, in effect bringing them closer together.

• How do you envision Zycko's future in the next few years?

Zycko continues to grow with new offices and customers; our open-standard best-of-breed message is being spread. As we engage with resellers they really understand the advantages of our solutions strategy, both for them and their customers. So where do I see ourselves? With far more resellers who share our vision and appreciate the genuine added value that Zycko offers.

If you want to learn more about Zycko, why not visit their website at www.zycko.com