Entreprise iPhone gets green thumb from Gartner Analysts

A trio of Gartner Analysts have published a document that paves the way to more recognition for the widespread adoption of the iPhone as a corporate tool.

According to Gartner, The iPhone will soon be tailored for enterprises and they recommend "appliance-level" support status once firmware 2.0 and improvements are released.

They also agree that iPhone will become a popular tool alongside BlackBerry and Microsoft devices.

Other market analysts are set to follow Gartners's recommendations and we could soon be in for more Apple goodies as the Cupertino-based company tries to cash in on the iPhone phenomenon.

In June last year, Gartner had issued a security note warning companies that the iPhone could be unsuitable for business use, something that's now change as Apple has adopted a number of features including licensing Microsoft's Activesync and adding support for Cisco IPSec and WPA2 Wi-Fi security.

The recent release of the iPhone SDK also paves the way for more entreprise ready applications as vendors like Salesforce.com feverishly develop software that can take advantage of the iPhone platform.

Although the iPhone might not have been as popular as Apple would have wanted, the device has achieved an iconic status and has prompted a number of iPod users to "upgrade" to the iPhone, marking the first steps of Apple entering the corporate technology world through the front door (rather than through the server backdoor or the Creative Director' desk)