Facebook adds privacy features

I got asked by the Scotsman newspaper t'other day to comment on the case of the girl whose party was gatecrashed as a result of a `shout out' by Pete Tong on Radio 1 over the weekend.

The paper - and later Talk107 radio - also asked my opinion on the privacy issues (or lack of) on social networking sites like Facebook.

Unsurprisingly, I let rip a stream of vitriol against Facebook for setting the default on account profiles as open, which means that peeps Googling for someone can get access to their Facebook profile without being a member.

Surprise, surprise, and not because of little ol me, I hasten to add, Facebook has announced plans to add a number of extra security features that will allow its 67 million punters to incrementally restrict information on their profiles to other members.,

And not before time. Previously, the only ways to block people from seeing specific content was to deny their friend requests outright or to create a limited profile.

The second security option had the downside of blocking entire groups of people from a wide swathe of content.

Now all we have to is to get Facebook to allow the Beacon option to be turned off. I bet you didn't know about Beacon...