Google looks set to grab 60 percent of US Search Market

The latest figures from Internet Research Company Comscore show that Google have extended their domination of the US Search market with a rise of 0.7 percentage point to 59.2 percent.

Overall though, the search market underwent a 6 percent sequential decline which Comscore attributes primarily to a shorter month.

Both Yahoo and Microsoft have seen their combined share of searches decrease by 0.8 percent, with a Yahoo-Microsoft merged entity likely to hover around 30 percent.

AOL and Ask Network have seen relatively stable market shares.

Looking at the figures in more details, search queries have decreased across the board for all the major websites surveyed.

Amazon saw the biggest fall with a whopping 17 percent drop from January 2008 to February 2008 due partly to the fact the US economy is slowing down and also because the festive season ended.

Google's Youtube now generates more search queries than Ebay, Facebook, Amazon, Ask and Myspace put together and is bigger than Microsoft Sites.